My favourite thing to do in life is explore new places. My second favourite thing to do is slowly sip a soy flat white, like the cliché Melburnian I am.

From childhood trips to Malaysia, to exploring Europe as an adult – broadening my horizons and learning about other cultures has always made me feel on top of the world.

While living in London for 2 years, I was lucky enough to cross a few places off my list. I love talking about my travels, but you can only yap on for so long before it starts to become just… not socially acceptable.

So this is my outlet. A place where I can express my astonishment at some of the beautiful things I have seen. And it’s a place where I can share tips, so you never have to sit on a train floor for 6 hours like I once did.

I’m already planning my next adventure. Come along for the ride and thanks for stopping by xx